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{ A B O U T - M E }
Hi I'm Gracie. I'm full Asian. My journal is a bunch of randomness, some are my fandom posts, some is about my life, some is artwork or videos I've created and some is various fics I've written for my fandoms. Feel free to add me if you want, please comment on my friends only post though, saying you're adding me so I can add you back. I'm a student, I want to be a pre-school or elementary school teacher. I love kids. I currently have one cat, her name is Bella and she's 5. I really want to get a dog too. I love music, music makes me happy. I love hanging out with friends, shopping, going to the beach. Let's see I also love making icons and making fan videos, that's my passion. Oh and my fave color is pink. I'm such a girly girl. I have the most wonderful boyfriend, Skye, he's amazing, you won't find me writting about him much or at all, only because I like to keep that part of my life seperate. I have two pretend boyfriends, James Lafferty, because I think he's amazing and hot and Tristan Dugrey from Gilmore Girls, neither of them are my real boyfriend and they don't compare to Skye.

{ F A N D O M S }
TV Shows: One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Heroes, Brothers and Sisters, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, October Road, Desperate Housewives, Friends, Ugly Betty, Private Practice, Friday Night Lights, General Hospital, Veronica Mars, Charmed (seasons 1-3), The OC, 90210, Gossip Girl, Ghost Whisperer, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Monk, Greek, The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, What About Brian, Dawson's Creek, Hannah Montana, iCarly, The Hills, Days Of Our Lives, All My Children, Sons of Anarchy

Movies: A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, Hairspray, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Jennifer Aniston movies, POTC series, HP series, LOTR series, Center Stage, The Cutting Edge, Crazy/Beautiful, High School Musical, Twilight

Actress: Jennifer Aniston, Sophia Bush, Alexis Bledel, Bethany Joy, Danneel Harris, Keira Knightly, Kate Walsh, Mischa Barton, Tamara Braun, Leighton Meister, Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, Kirsten Storms

Actors: Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Jensen Ackles, Orlando Bloom

Couples: um way way way too many to name, but all are listed in my interests

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My Facebook, Fanforum, My Music Videos (youtube).

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