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vid claim table- music styles

Since I've been lacking viding inspiration lately, I thought this would be interesting, I chose tv shows and movies for my claim. This is the table that I will be completing for vid_the_grid

1.Alternative 2.Pop 3.Country 4.Dance
5.Musicals 6.Song Covers 7.Instrumental/Classical 8.Soundtrack
9.Contemporary 10.Remix 11.Vidder's choice 12.vidder's choice

Reasons We Love Rory and Tristan

1. Because he makes her nervous.
2. Because he loves staring at her in awe.
3. Because he took the bullet for Rory in the fanfic To Be Alive!
4. He says "Hello Mary" to Rory because he wants to marry her!
5. They are opposites.
6. Sparring is funner than polite conversation.
7. He wants her but couldn't have her.
8. He's serious about her.
9. He tries to make her jealous.
10. He's willing to break his rules for her.
11. He apologized for being a jerk to her.
12. They both called their exes idiots!
13. She understands when he doesn't want to talk about something, so she moved to biology.
14. She did NOT love seeing him nailed like that.
15. He's sorry he gave her a hard time for a while.
16. He looked into her eyes right before kissing her.
17. He made sure Rory didn't mind the kiss before going for it...
18. He finally kissed her!
19. He was afraid he'd bit her lip.
20. He looked so sad when she left.
21. He was willing to be humiliated in front of the class two times for looking at her ear.
22. He doesn't call other girls "Mary."
23. She didn't ask him, and he offered his notes to her on the 1st day of school.
24. He was the first Chiltonite to show a positive interest in her. (Unlike *ahem* Paris)
25. They wore color-coordinated clothes when they kissed.
26. They are fun and interesting to watch.
27. Because intellectually he will be a good match for her.
28. Because he can bicker with her even though he likes her.
29. Because he thinks she's odd, but he likes her anyway.
30. Because Rory was determined to connect with him at the party even when he tried to rebuff her.
31. Because she let him kiss her. And she kissed him back. Twice.
32. Because in that moment before the kiss, she looked at Tristan in a way she's never looked at "the other guy". There's going to be real passion in this relationship.
33. Because right before they kissed they looked at each other so lovingly that even if you hadn't seen the previews or heard people talking you would've just KNOWN there would be a sweet kiss.
34. He thinks it's cute she always reads.
35. Because he fights for her! (Rory's Dance)
36. Because he can't eat, he can't sleep (Rory's Birthday Parties)
37. Because Rory told Tristan he should date Paris and Tristan took her advice.
38. Because Tristan doesn't want to be with Paris when he likes someone else...
39. And that someone ain't named Summer!
40. Because he was sweet to return her notebook!
41. Because he wanted to "do it again"! (Referring to the kiss...)
42. Because he thought Rory didn't like and cried about the kiss!
43. Because he was going to swear off girls, except for the "driven, ambitious, smart" ones. Like Rory perhaps?
44. Because he wanted a birthday kiss.
45. Because he wanted to meet Lorelai.
46. Because he impressed Richard.
47. Because she will stop fighting her feelings for him and give in.
48. Because she brings out the best in him.
49. He smiled when she yelled at Paris.
50. Because even "the other guy" realized that he 'had a thing' for her.
51. Because he was jealous when he saw Rory and "the other guy" kissing.
52. She was first choice for him to go to the dance with.
53. He picked up her notebook to return to her.
54. No matter how much he tried to hide it, he was hurt that she cried after the kiss.
55. He was nervous after the kiss.
56. He wanted to know if she had a boyfriend.
57. She likes that they're getting along now.
58. He left her alone when she said 'please'.
59. He stopped at her table and blew a kiss at her.
60. She always has a little, little, tiny smile on her face when he teases her that she tries to get rid of.
61. Richard would approve of a DuGrey.
62. He would not have honked the horn of his car to tell her to come out when picking her up for a dance.
63. He would have bought the dance tickets for her.
64. He cares about what she thinks.
65. Her opinion on him matters to him.
66. He doesn't have a bike, so Lorelai can trust him.
67. And even if he had a bike, he wouldn't lie to Lorelai about it.
68. She said it was a nice kiss that was not at all crying material.
69. Because he was the only one excited to attend Rory's Birthday Party.
70. Because he wanted to be friends with her but he thought he made her nervous.
71. Because he wanted to know what she was doing that Friday.
72. Because he wanted to take a walk with Rory!
73. Because she said he wasn't stupid.
74. Because he really didn't want to go make-out with Cissy.
75. Because he took the liberty of meeting "the other guy".
76. Because he couldn't help but get caught twice for staring at Rory.
77. Because he was so gentleman-like to insist Rory exit out first!
78. Kirk would approve of his hair.
79. Because he and "the other guy" were just about to build a clubhouse. (Rory's Dance)
80. Because he makes smoochy lips.(Paris is Burning)
81. Because he doesn't want to be Queen!
82. Because he looked hurt when Rory said, "Oh you're still not over Summer, huh?"
83. Tristan is addicted to Rory.
84. They're like peanut butter and jelly, only they don't stick to the roof of your mouth!
85. Because they're like puzzle pieces, without one, the other is incomplete.
86. He doesn't call her "Mary" anymore.
87. He looked at her posterier! (Deer Hunters)
88. Because Rory couldn't say "I love you" because of Tristan.
89. Because there's no one Tristan would rather be insulted by than Rory Gilmore.
90. Because they can get lost in the depths of each other's eyes.
91. Because Rory couldn't say "I love you" because of Tristan
92. Because he made Rory a college co-ed. (In the fanfic 3:47 AM)
93. Trories worship pianos and benches.
94. She doesn't want things to be weird between them.
95. They had the cutest "civil" conversation you've ever seen.
96. Because they inspire brilliant fanfiction.
97. Because if you hate someone long enough, then you're bound to fall in love with them someday
98. Sometimes the perfect person for you is the one you least expect.
99. Tristan may be sexy, smart ... a total heart-throb. .. but he's only got eyes for Rory.
100. Because nothing is better than love, except love between Tristan and Rory
101. Juliet and Romeo were mortal enemies and they fell in love. How can Tristan and Rory do any less when they're not enemies?
102. Because Tristan knew that she would 'give in' one day.
103. Because Tristan has proper manners.
104. He answered her truthfully when she asked who else got invitations to her party.
105. Tristan went to her birthday party, and not because it was an obligation party.
106. Because Tristan got Rory tickets to a concert that he knew she loved!
107. Because he knew she liked PJ Harvey.
108. Because he didn't throw her books down.
109. Because he was heartbroken when she made-up with her ex.

more in the OP.

100 Movies + 50 Books in 2009.

I got this idea from echofades , and I thought it might be fun, so I'm totally doing this. I love reading, watching movies not so much so that's my challenge.

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And Happy New Year for everyone, it's not New Year's here yet, it's only 10:45 pm, but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year, I hope you all have a great year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates it. I hope you have a great thanksgiving holiday, being with family and friends. I'm going to my cousin's house later, I'm excited, because I haven't seen my baby cousin since she was 3 months old, and I think she's 2 now, so yeah, I haven't seen them in a while and I get to spend time with my cousin and his wife.

Then Friday, Friends marathon of all the thanksgiving Friends episodes, what Friends is awesome, and thanksgiving Friends episodes are even more great. I like watching them because all of the thanksgiving Friends episodes are funny.

Just because I had to share

Sorry I love this song, it's so funny, plus Adam Sandler is great, it wouldn't be thanksgiving without this song.


Brotherly Love

Does anyone remember the show Brotherly Love? It starred Joey, Matthew and Andrew Lawerence, I think it aired in the 90's if I'm not mistaken, but I found episodes of the show on youtube, and I was totally thinking memories, I used to love that show, and it was so weird to see the show now since watching them from when the show aired to how they are now, they have grown up so much. But anyway, you can watch the episodes here

I don't know why imageshack hates me, or I would post Bella pics, anyway behind the cut, 10 things I've learned about Bella since I got her

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And not much else is going on in my life besides babysitting and being incredibly busy working on stuff.

Oh and I love love love love love love Jon and Kate Plus 8, I swear, it's so cute. Oh and I love the Twilight series, I haven't finished Breaking Dawn  yet, but I'm half way through.

My Wish List

It's that time of year again, so here's my wish list.

1. Anything for my first cat, she's 4 years old, but still very kitten like (she loves basically everything)

2. Gift cards for anything, I love getting gift cards (faves: Jamba Juice, Borders, Target, Starbucks, Itunes, Amazon)

3. Eclipse- Stephanie Meyer (I have Twilight and New Moon already)

4. Anything homemade (I love baked goods, but anything that you make, hats, scarfs, jewerly would be awesome)

5. Anything related to any of my fandoms (icons/fics/videos, etc..., fandoms in my profile under interests))

6. These movies with Jennifer Aniston (Rock Star and Till There Was You and(I want to complete my Jen collection since I love her)

7. Anything from my My Wish List

8. Hot Chocolate or any candies/sweets, sometimes it's cold and foggy where I am so nothing is better than hot chocolate for those cold days and I love candies/sweets and so do the kids I help tutor at an after-school program.

9. Harry Potter Knitted House Scarf (I've been wanting one forever, it can be Gryffindor or Slytherin)

10. Anything pink, has princess or angel on it, is a hit with me

My e-mail is or I check both.

My address

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RT Fan Fictions Poll Links

Here are all the links to the RT fanfictions that are in the polls.

Poll #1 Fics

1. Lost And Found- Michaelover101
2. Popular-Jmarit17
3. Show And Tell- Season4.5
4. Pride & Prejudice- Laura
5. Whatever Tomorrow Brings- Mrs. Witter
6. Slipping Under The Surface- abc79-de
7. Untouched- abc79-de
8. What Lies Within Us- kittycob
9. The More Things Change- Surya
10. The Life and Times of an Unwelcome Third Wheel- Nat1
11. Something To Remember- inmyeyes
12. 10 Things I Hate About You- inmyeyes
13. The Best of You- MzFreak
14. The Gift In You- IndianSpice
15. A Kiss Is Still A Kiss- aspdstra

Poll #2 Fics
1. I Push, You Pull- TemptingFate
2.She Looked- Noche Buena
3.Ten Index Cards- Bethany Inc
4.Cruel Summer- inkstainedskin
5.I Miss You- LSupergirl
6.Momma Had a Baby and Her Head Popped Off- Carrie
7.The More Things Change- Surya
8.Always Something There to Remind Me- LoVe23
9.The Art of Seduction- NarfZoink
10.Every Time There´s a Concert- MaryATroryFan
11.He Lied- Wildly Obsessed
12.High School Reunion- Wildly Obsessed
13.History Always Repeats Itself- NarfZoink
14.I Read the News Today, Oh Boy - Carrie
15.Let Go- Peppermint Stick

Poll #3 Fics (this the fics aren't in the order like on the poll because I missed one in the beginning, so I just added that one at the end)
1.Minus Dean- MaryATroryFan
2.Running After Romeo- Wildly Obsessed
3.Secret Santa Stars Hollow Style- louloucn
4.Ticket Stubs- Rebecca Carefoot
5.Where Are You When I Need You?- Black Snow
6.Dare You To Move- aspdstra
7.Everything Changes- Glow
8.Favors- Diddlee
9.From Kiss To Kiss- inkstainedskin
10.Learning to Breathe- Maz84
11.Message in a Bottle- IndianSpice
12.Narcissus- SweetThing2
13.When She Cries- Christine
14.Thoughts- Cinnamon
15.What is Fair in Love and War?- Kay

RT 250th Fan Fiction Poll #3

Poll #1054473 Top Ten RT Fics #3

Top Ten RT Fan Fics (please chose 5, links for fics will be in sepearate entry)

Minus Dean- MaryATroryFan
Running After Romeo- Wildly Obsessed
Secret Santa Stars Hollow Style- louloucn
Ticket Stubs- Rebecca Carefoot
What is Fair in Love and War?- Kay
Where Are You When I Need You?- Black Snow
Dare You To Move- aspdstra
Everything Changes- Glow
Favors- Diddlee
From Kiss To Kiss- inkstainedskin
Learning to Breathe- Maz84
Message in a Bottle- IndianSpice
Narcissus- SweetThing2
When She Cries- Christine
Thoughts- Cinnamon

RT 250th Fan Fiction Poll #2

Poll #1054463 Top Ten RT Fics #2

Top Ten RT Fan Fics (please chose 5, links for fics will be in sepearate entry)

I Push, You Pull- TemptingFate
She Looked- Noche Buena
Ten Index Cards- Bethany Inc
Cruel Summer- inkstainedskin
I Miss You- LSupergirl
Momma Had a Baby and Her Head Popped Off- Carrie
The More Things Change- Surya
Always Something There to Remind Me- LoVe23
The Art of Seduction- NarfZoink
Every Time There´s a Concert- MaryATroryFan
He Lied- Wildly Obsessed
High School Reunion- Wildly Obsessed
History Always Repeats Itself- NarfZoink
I Read the News Today, Oh Boy - Carrie
Let Go- Peppermint Stick