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12 September 2007 @ 06:51 pm
RT Fan Fictions Poll Links  
Here are all the links to the RT fanfictions that are in the polls.

Poll #1 Fics

1. Lost And Found- Michaelover101
2. Popular-Jmarit17
3. Show And Tell- Season4.5
4. Pride & Prejudice- Laura
5. Whatever Tomorrow Brings- Mrs. Witter
6. Slipping Under The Surface- abc79-de
7. Untouched- abc79-de
8. What Lies Within Us- kittycob
9. The More Things Change- Surya
10. The Life and Times of an Unwelcome Third Wheel- Nat1
11. Something To Remember- inmyeyes
12. 10 Things I Hate About You- inmyeyes
13. The Best of You- MzFreak
14. The Gift In You- IndianSpice
15. A Kiss Is Still A Kiss- aspdstra

Poll #2 Fics
1. I Push, You Pull- TemptingFate
2.She Looked- Noche Buena
3.Ten Index Cards- Bethany Inc
4.Cruel Summer- inkstainedskin
5.I Miss You- LSupergirl
6.Momma Had a Baby and Her Head Popped Off- Carrie
7.The More Things Change- Surya
8.Always Something There to Remind Me- LoVe23
9.The Art of Seduction- NarfZoink
10.Every Time There´s a Concert- MaryATroryFan
11.He Lied- Wildly Obsessed
12.High School Reunion- Wildly Obsessed
13.History Always Repeats Itself- NarfZoink
14.I Read the News Today, Oh Boy - Carrie
15.Let Go- Peppermint Stick

Poll #3 Fics (this the fics aren't in the order like on the poll because I missed one in the beginning, so I just added that one at the end)
1.Minus Dean- MaryATroryFan
2.Running After Romeo- Wildly Obsessed
3.Secret Santa Stars Hollow Style- louloucn
4.Ticket Stubs- Rebecca Carefoot
5.Where Are You When I Need You?- Black Snow
6.Dare You To Move- aspdstra
7.Everything Changes- Glow
8.Favors- Diddlee
9.From Kiss To Kiss- inkstainedskin
10.Learning to Breathe- Maz84
11.Message in a Bottle- IndianSpice
12.Narcissus- SweetThing2
13.When She Cries- Christine
14.Thoughts- Cinnamon
15.What is Fair in Love and War?- Kay