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10 January 2025 @ 01:11 pm
Friends Only!  

If you ask nicely and I know you from FF you will be added.
If I know you from another board, ask and you will be added.
If I know you from livejournal, ask and you will most likely be added.
If you are one of my real life friends, ask and you will be added.
You can always try and comment on this entry, if you share the same interests as me.
Please don't add me without asking, I love making new friends, but it just annoys me when you do that.
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Sarahxbirdseyeviewx on March 5th, 2007 12:15 am (UTC)
Dude! You're all pimped out with LoVe

Totally hot.

Anyways, my reason for commenting is all business. I'm sure you know as a VM fan, that VM has SEVERAL high traffic, very popular and very well run, Fan Fic communities, while OTH has... none.

So me and Kayla started our own. It's still in the VERY early stages, but we want to make it just as successful as veronicamarsfic.

Since it's going to be a moderated community (therefore insuring that only quality fic gets posted,) we need several mods to share the story checking duties.

We thought you would be perfect for the UC mod position. With this position you would moderate all stories that don't include the main cannon couples. For example, you won't have to moderate NH, BL, LP, or JP, but you will moderate things like: Brooke/Chase, Brooke/Rachel, Rachel/Nathan, Mouth/Gigi, Haley/Chris etc.

Your job would be to weed out stories that have not been beta'd, spell checked or grammar checked, as well as the ones that just plain suck.

And of course in your own free time, you'd be able to read the stories of your choice as well. ;-)

I hope you'll at least consider this!

Here's the link to the community:

And of course you can reply to me on my LJ or on AIM.